Spokane neighborhood dealing with car break ins

A woman in Shiloh Hills is upset after her car was broken into for the second time in two months.  She lives on Shenandoah Drive and says that it hasn't just been her, it's also happened to neighbors. 

Spokane police say that there have been fifteen car break ins in the neighborhood in the last month. 

"It's just ransacked," says Tracy Alexander as she opens the door of her car to look at the interior.   

On Friday morning Alexander says she woke up to the news that her car had been broken into for the second time since late September. 

"The first time was at the end of September and they got a lot of stuff then," Alexander recalls. 

She works for the airline as a flight attendant and she says the first time the thieves struck she'd had cash, her airline ID, checkbooks and other items in a briefcase in her car. 

Now, less than two months later it's happened again.   

"Obviously they came through again and thought there was something of value because they'd gotten so much the first time," Alexander tells KHQ. 

Both times a window in her car had been broken out without tripping the alarm.  Alexander says it's a problem in her quiet little neighborhood.   

"Any given day you can drive down these streets and see car glass," she says.  "I have a friend about four blocks away that got broken into."    

Alexander says the break ins usually happen between midnight and six a-m, and she says it's frustrating because she feels like the issue isn't being resolved. 

"I just think there needs to be something more done. I want street patrols."   

Police say they send someone out to do fingerprints when they believe they will find some, but the best way to prevent your car from being broken into is to make sure nothing is in your car.  That way you do not make yourself a target. 

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