Spokane Police arrested a 41-year-old man Friday night after a downtown business said a former employee threatened a mass shooting. 

Friday evening, Spokane Police say a downtown business received threats by a former employee to shoot up the business with an AR-15. SPD said the disgruntled former employee also made threats to shoot up an office in Dallas, Texas. 

Due to the serious nature of the threats and the person's prior history, the business shut down for the day and notified police. 

"The City of Spokane Police Department takes these threats very seriously," Officer Richie Plunkett said in a release on Saturday. "Mass shootings and active shooter incidents have become more common around the country."

Through their investigation, officers developed probably cause to arrest 41-year-old Chesed Johnson for felony harassment. Officers located Johnson and safely took him into custody. Investigators searched Johnson's home and car for firearms, but did not find any. 

"The Spokane Police Department would like citizens to report any information they receive regarding a possible mass shooting or active shooter incident," Officer Plunkett said. "Having that information ahead of time will help to locate the potential suspects and possibly prevent an act of violence."