TRAFFIC ALERT: I-90 Restriction On Snoqualmie Pass This Week

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE SPOKANE POLICE DEPT: Spokane Police PACT followed up on numerous leads and were able to locate and recover two vehicles, an Infiniti and a Suburban, which had been stolen in burglaries in the Gonzaga area last week.

Officers linked the vehicles to an apartment at 911 E Indiana where they arrested Sean Mcateer for Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and recovered a large amount of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags stolen during burglaries last week.

During one of the burglaries, 14 different GU students had their individual rooms burglarized and property stolen.

Officers obtained a search warrant for Mcateer's camper at another residence. They recovered a television, DVD players, refrigerator, clothing, and other personal items stolen from the two burglaries. Detectives will be following up on the case and expect more charges to be forthcoming once victims are contacted and property can be identified.  

In a separate incident, PACT officers followed up on a vehicle prowling where stolen credit cards had been used to purchase gas at multiple locations. They located 48 year-old James Meyer and developed Probable Cause to arrest his for 6 counts of Identity Theft and 2nd degree Possession of Stolen Property.

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