If you took part in Amazon Prime this week, you may be waiting for packages to be delivered. As you wait, so do thieves, hoping to get to your porch before you do.

Areas around town such as the South Hill, Browne's Addition, and the north side are all susceptible to being a victim of package theft. The Spokane Police Department's PIO, Officer Richie Plunkett, said they've already seen in influx in stolen packages.

"People are walking by grabbing packages, people are on bikes, and we do have people in cars that are just going around checking every doorstep they have," Plunkett said.

Having your delivered packages outside in plain sight is less than ideal for any amount of time. SPD recommends you monitor and track your shipments closely.

"Just do your best to try and pack the packages, my wife loves to order from Amazon Prime all the time and sometime she leaves them out, best thing is you have to be on top of your game when it comes to getting packages delivered to your house," added Plunkett.

The police department said a home security system can help locate stolen items.

Officer Plunkett said, "When they are able to have ring or security cameras they are able to call crime check and we can get the footage of those individuals, maybe even license plates and cars. Some of our officers especially our downtown prescient officers are very good at recognizing faces and identifying people, so the more suspect info we can get the more we are able to close these cases."

If you want to avoid being a victim of porch pirates altogether, you can get your packages shipped to the Amazon locker at Huppins on North Division, or if you have UPS, you can get your delivery sent to the UPS access point on North Division where you can pick it up.

If porch pirates do beat you to your package, you can call crime check at 509-456-2233.