SPOKANE, Wash. - In a bizarre story of stolen identity, one Spokane property manager is searching for answers after finding one of her properties already had a tenant.

Sarah Hoverson is a local property manager and landlord who rents out several properties, including onr in Spokane Valley.

She recently had some tenants ready to move in to the property but then she found out another woman already had. When Hoverson went down to the home, she learned the woman had been working with someone else claiming to be Hoverson. 

Hoverson wouldn't have believed her, until the woman started telling her personal details about herself that this other person apparently knew: things like her pregnancy, relationship status and even her home address. 

That's when Hoverson thought, 'Is there someone out there pretending to be me?' Now, she's looking for answers. 

The BBB has more information on rental scams HERE.