School bus spin out near Havana/37th

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Public Schools has posted a statement following Wednesday's snow that sent multiple school buses spinning out near Chase Middle School. 

The statement from the district is as follows:

"This won't be our last bout with snow. We monitor local weather forecasts, work with our friends at the City of Spokane and Spokane County to stay current on their progress de-icing our bus routes, and communicate with Durham, which provides bus services to our students, about needs and progress. The early morning mist turned some roads slick and icy rather than bare and wet - like the ones near Chase Middle.

"One question that came up this week with a parent group was if we close individual schools due to weather impacts? The answer is rarely. Individual school closures and delays are typically reserved when there are facility concerns - power outages, localized flooding issues, or other building damage. With nearly five dozen schools, changing schedules at individual schools because of weather becomes very difficult to coordinate and manage for everyone, including families with students at multiple schools, with only an hour or two of notice.

"Throughout the winter, we'll continue to work with our city and county partners to address known trouble spots along our bus routes so all our students continue to make it to school safely."

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