Spokane ranked 3rd as most dangerous city for property crime

It started with a Facebook post from Total Security Inc. A masked man broke into a Spokane couple's home after the husband left for work. The man confronted the homeowner in the bathroom.

“She confronted the person who was wearing a mask and told him to leave, and by her belief, in God, she feels like she was protected from a pretty bad event, and that person turned and walked out of the house,"  said Owner of Total Security Inc. Mike Crouse told KHQ

But not before grabbing her laptop and one of her bags. In a recent report by Reviews.org Spokane ranked 3rd as the most dangerous city for property crime in the United States, The report used FBI crime statistic data from 2016 to measure the cities with the most and least property crime. The study excluded motor vehicle related crimes

Crouse says the best way to start protecting your home is to start with the basics "lock your doors, lock your windows, do a perimeter check every single night before you go to bed."

There's also much more layered security that you can add to your home. Including security cameras, motion detectors, and glass breaking detection. But there's one thing that burglar's hate, and that's the sound of sirens "As they hear that siren and you have visual evidence of people with cameras to actually see somebody attempting to burglarize a home the alarm goes off. It hurts your ears and sends them running, added Crouse."

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