Spokane teen gets 22 years for dad's murder

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane teen who helped beat and stab her father to death has been sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Eighteen-year-old Jackie Wortham said in Spokane County Superior Court Wednesday that she thinks about her father every day and regrets what she did.

Daniel Wortham was attacked one night in March 2008 when he returned home from a plumbing job.

Prosecutors say Jackie Wortham and her boyfriend used a baseball bat, knife, wrench and a 3-foot-long sword. The medical examiner says Daniel Wortham died from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma causing acute blood loss.


16-year-old daughter to be tried as adult in Sharp Homicide

(ARPIL 2008)

Spokane police say a 16-year-old girl along with her boyfriend confessed to killing the girl's father. 

Police had been looking for 16 year old Jackie Worthman and her 18 year old boyfriend Edmund Washington since early on in their investigation. The two were found Monday afternoon and confessed to the crime when interviewed by police detectives.

Spokane police say Jackie Wortham and Edmund Washington conspired to kill the girl's father 39-year-old Dan Wortham when he came home from work late Friday.  The victim was attacked from behind by Washington and was stabbed with a sword and beaten with a baseball bat and a foot long wrench.

Police say they grew suspicious of the two when they noticed the house had been locked up after the murder something uncommon for a random crime.

Late Monday, tips led police to a house on the lower south hill at west 9th and Madison.  The home is frequented by run away teens and the two were taken downtown for questioning before they confessed. Friends of the Lewis and Clark high school student had been suspicious since they first learned of the crime Sunday night.

At this point an exact motive for the crime hasn't been established, but police say the girl says she is pregnant and wanted to be legally separated from her father, something they say he didn't want.

Wortham has been booked into the Spokane county juvenile facility on first-degree murder and Washington into the Spokane county jail, also on first-degree murder charges. However, Wortham will charged as an adult for her alleged role in the murder.  

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