SPOKANE, VALLEY, Wash.- Missy Robertson had no warning, no indication, that a normal April evening in her Spokane Valley neighborhood would turn into the longest few hours of her life. 

She woke in the middle of the night with her hands bound by her husband, 41-year-old Justin Robertson. She was able to break free and eventually activated a panic button on her security key fob.

Missy was then stabbed and slashed by her husband more than 60 times before he left with their 5-year-old son.

After hours of a standoff with police, in where Justin and the 5-year-old were held up in a Saint John home, it finally came to an end hours later. Justin released his son to police and then took his own life. 

"I had no idea at that moment then he would become violent like he did," Missy said.

On Thursday, May 23, she recalled the events of that night before getting a chance to thank the ADT operator who'd responded to Missy's call for help.

Sue Phommanirat flew 2,000 miles to meet Missy.

"It was very emotional and I'm glad I came out here and got to meet her and experience this," Phommanirat said.

When she got the initial alert from Missy's panic button, Phommanirat called to make sure everything was OK.

However, Justin had answered Missy's phone while she laid bleeding on the ground. But when he answered, he wasn't able to confirm the security password and eventually hung up.

Phommanirat knew something was up so she called the Spokane County 911 Center and two officers were sent to the home where they found Missy.

Missy and her son are now continuing their long road to recovery.