Kayla Palmer Spokane Best Buy

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - In what was already a hectic retail night, a seasonal employee at the Spokane Valley Best Buy went above and beyond and delivered a Thanksgiving miracle in saving a man's life.

According to Best Buy, Kayla Palmer was working at the register of the Best Buy on Indiana Ave. last Thursday, Nov. 28, when an older gentleman approached to pay for his items. He began worrying, leaned on the counter and said he felt dizzy.

Moments later, he was sweating heavily and turned pale.

Thankfully, Kayla was prepared for such an event with her experience as an emergency room tech and being a nursing student. She sprang to action, asking him questions and checking his vitals after he began shaking and became unresponsive. He then wasn't breathing, and she couldn't detect a pulse.

Kayla then began chest compressions, and after about a minute, he started breathing again. She continued assisting him until paramedics arrived and additionally contacted his wife.

Kayla felt prepared for such an incident, having performed CPR numerous times working in the ER.

“It all happened so fast,” she said. “I was just surprised by how clear it was and how quickly it came to me what I needed to do.”

Best Buy says Kayla was urged by her husband Sean, a home theater supervisor, to join the team as a seasonal member recently. That wasn't the only coincidence to line up for her life-saving measures.

Kayla had been scheduled to work until 9 p.m., but was asked to stay later. About a half-hour later the man approached her register - choosing hers out of the seven registers open at the time.

“It was all just such a coincidence,” Kayla said.

General Manager Tracy Mourar watched the whole thing unfold, praising Kayla for acting fast.

“There was no hesitation at all,” Tracy said. “If anybody else would have been there, I think the outcome could have been very different. Nobody else could have reacted as fast as she did.”

Kayla's husband Sean was also working at the time, and didn't notice anything wrong until spotting ambulance and fire truck flashing lights outside.

He wasn't surprised to find Kayla had stepped into action.

“No, not even a little bit,” Sean said. “Honestly, I knew if something like that was going to happen, she’d just jump right in.”

Black Friday at retail stores is known to be chaotic, but nobody could have saw this situation transpire.

“I told her it was going to be crazy,” he said, “but I didn’t think it was going to be that crazy.”

KHQ is working to tell more of Kayla's story on Friday.

Best Buy additionally says in the midst of all the chaos, they were not able to get the customer's name. They were hoping to check on his well-being and gift him the items he had been shopping for that night.