Spokane Valley cracks down on urban camping

The rule on the books right now in Spokane Valley is any stay over 30 days is prohibited, but the City of Spokane Valley wants to cut that in half to 14 days reduce potential impacts to neighborhoods.

Urban camping in an RV is something that's becoming mainstream. More and more people are doing it. But in Spokane Valley, the city hopes to crack down on the urban glamper. Shaun King of Spokane Valley lives across the street from this abandoned ghost RV near Balfour Park.

But there also was another RV parked on the street with someone living in it until a few days ago. Sometimes he says it can be an eyesore "Sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me because people who park there across the street in the field really don't bother me, they don't bother my kids when we take our dogs out they don't really bother us. But it kind of looks trashy," said King referring to the one that has been left abandoned.

Urban camping isn't that big of an issue in the Valley, but the city wants to take action before it becomes a problem. There are also potential hygiene issues with RV's dumping their wastewater and garbage improperly there is also the safety issues if a car hits a parked RV.

In 2017, the Valley received over 20 complaints about problem RV's. They received those tips through the city's online cares complaint system “some of them are here for four to five days, and then they pack up and leave like the one over here had been abandoned it's been here for about a week,” King added.

But this abandoned ghost RV with no engine and trash inside is what king wants the city to clamp down on especially on RV's that are problem RV's “I think that's a good idea. the quicker they can get abandoned ones out of here the better."

Although urban RV camping is listed on the city's advance agenda as a pending item to discuss, there isn't a date set for when that discussion will occur.

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