Spokane Valley Domestic Violence May 26

SPOKANE VALLEY - Spokane Valley Deputies and Major Crimes Detectives investigating a domestic violence incident learned the suspect fired his handgun into the victim's windshield. 

Spokane Valley Deputies responded to multiple calls Sunday night, May 26, after neighbors heard arguing and gunshots. 

Deputies who arrived on the scene blocked off the area and contacted a man sitting on a porch. He was later identified as the suspect, 28-year-old Michael A. Briseno. 

A witness told police that he heard a "commotion" outside and then saw Briseno standing in the middle of the road. The witness said Briseno told him he had shot his gun, told him to call 911 and hid a gun under the porch mat. 

Briseno then sat on the porch and waited for police to arrive. 

Deputies had also contacted a woman who was sitting in her car and as she was being detained, police realized she was bleeding. 

The woman, later identified as the victim, told police she had been shot. As she was treated for several small cuts on her arms, no significant wounds were located. During a medical assessment however, the cuts on her arm were believed to be from shattered windshield glass after Briseno shot at her. 

The victim told police that she had started dating Briseno a few years ago and within the last year, he had become physically abusive. 

She told police that when she picked Briseno from work that night, he had already been in a bad mood and was yelling at her on the way home. The victim says she jumped out of the car, Briseno followed and she tried getting back in the car and driving away but Briseno was able to get back inside the car.

After trying to grab her and twist her arms, Briseno got out of the car and sat on the hood so she wasn't able to leave. The victim says she pulled forward and hit the brakes so Briseno fell off the car. 

That's when Briseno took his gun out of his holster and fired at her. The victim says when she saw the gun, she feared for her life and ducked. 

Police say during an examination of the car, a bullet when through the driver side of the windshield and was lodged in the driver seat headrest. 

While there was no evidence at the scene to support his claims, Briseno said the driver tried running him over, dragging him with the car and he was fearing for his life. 

Briseno was booked into the county jail on first degree assault charges.

The investigation is ongoing.