University High School

When Robert Grabb's son was pulled into a school bathroom and had his new shoes stolen by three classmates, he was worried about his son's well-being.

"He already has anxiety issues and takes medicine for that," Grabb said about his son, who attends University High School in Spokane Valley.

But Grabb's more worried about his son's safety at school: the three students, who were arrested and charged with second-degree robbery, are set to be back in the same hallways this week. He said his son is also receiving social media threats from the arrested students' friends.

"He (Grabb's son) made himself sick the last two days - he doesn't even want to attempt to go to school, due to the social media threats and these kids' friends threatening him," Grabb said.

Grabb feels like he's out of options and is taking the steps to transfer his son to another high school.

"I have no other choice... What do you do as a parent?" he said.


Three students went from a school bathroom to a county courtroom last Friday, February 14, after they grabbed Grabb's son to take his new pair of Nike sneakers.

"Apparently, he was jumped by three boys in the same grade," Grabb said, then detailed his son being pinned to the ground, then having his new shoes taken off his feet.

While confirming a robbery occurred, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said it never found evidence that an assault ever happened. The three students were arrested for second-degree robbery and booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Center, according to the sheriff's office.

"They (three students) were in there Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (President's Day)... released yesterday evening. There is a no contact order, but they're still able to attend the school," Grabb said.

"Here's my son, being the victim, and we have to relocate him because he's shaken in his shoes due to confrontation, from not only other students, but their friends. I just don't feel that this is right, and if anybody is out there to help, I have an open ear," Grabb said.


The Central Valley School District said it could not comment on the disciplinary actions of any of its students, out of respect for the privacy of all students. However, a spokesperson pointed us to the district's disciplinary guidelines for theft and robbery, which includes emergency expulsion and suspensions.