UPDATE: Multiple Spokane County massage parlors under investigation for sex trafficking

The Washington State Patrol continues to investigate a local massage parlor for alleged sex trafficking and prostitution.

According to court documents, several men contacted authorities about the parlor, Space Oil Massage, and told them that the women who worked there asked them in private to call 911 because they were being forced to perform sex acts against their will.

Kelan Johnson owns the three massage parlors under investigation. He says that claim is "a made up story" and is adamant no sex acts were performed inside his facility.

"Absolutely not," he said.

Johnson says he believes he knows why WSP suspects otherwise.

"People that come in that want more or demand more than what these girls are willing to give, that's our number one suspect," he said. "Number two, is we have a had a few wives show up upset because their husbands were here."

Records also state an undercover agent posing as a client, was offered sex acts that he refused. He also reported that he was inappropriately touched. It's something Johnson believes was unintentional.

"I don't think anybody here intentionally plays with anybody, it's not a playground, it's a massage shop," he said.

Johnson said the allegations of sex crimes has nearly destroyed his business.

"Right after the investigation, at this store, we had our first zero day," he said. "We had four girls in the lobby, no body showed up."

WSP says they continue to investigate the case. No one has been charged in connection to this case.