Spokane Valley man found guilty of second degree manslaughter in wife's death

On Monday, a jury found former reserve deputy Dwayne Thurman guilty of second degree manslaughter for the shooting and killing of his wife in 2016.

44-year-old Dwayne Thurman was found not guilty for first degree manslaughter.

Brenda was shot in the heart. Court documents say Dwayne told investigators that he was cleaning her handgun at their home when it went off accidentally. His attorney has described the death as a tragic accident.

The prosecutor in the case said their team is pleased with the jury.

"It's very hard for them (Brenda's family) because it doesn't bring their loved one back. Brenda Thurman's gone, we always knew that would be the case. It brings a little bit of sense of justice. It's a tough case. It's a situation where someone died and no one intended for it to happen. Very, very tragic, unfortunate set of circumstances and this is what manslaughter is. It's the difference between reckless behavior and negligent behavior and the jury decided it was negligent behavior and we are satisfied with that," said Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor John Love.  

We reached out to Thurman's attorney for comment on the verdict but have not heard back.

Thurman's sentencing is scheduled for May 3rd at 9 a.m.  Thurman could be facing anywhere from two to five years in prison.

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