Spokane Valley City Hall

An official with the City of Spokane Valley says there is no plan for the City Council to vote on splitting Washington into a new state. 

The City of Spokane Valley said in a release that SeattlePI erroneously stated in an article on Monday that the City Council would be voting on a plan to create a 51st state. The City of Spokane Valley says there is no such proposal or vote planned. 

“We don’t know where this information came from, but it’s certainly not grounded in any fact,” said Mark Calhoun, city manager. “This came as a complete surprise to us and to our council. It’s unfortunate that a publication would publish something of this nature without checking with us. It detracts from the real work the city is doing to improve transportation, business development and economic expansion of our region.” 

The article originally posted by SeattlePI suggested that the SV City Council would vote on a new proposal to split Washington at the Cascade Crest and create a  new state called "Liberty," an idea they said was pushed by State Rep. Matt Shea.

Seattle PI said in an updated article that their original information was inaccurate after having learned that the City of Spokane Valley was "completely surprised" by the statement.

"The mistake is painful and embarrassing, but extremely instructional, for the person who made it," the Seattle PI said in the article.