John Oak

SPOKANE VALLEY - Spokane Valley Investigative Unit Detectives say they arrested a 14-time convicted felon after spotting him driving Saturday, April 27. 

Detectives say they are very familiar with 51-year-old John Oak because of his habitual offender status. 

Last Saturday, they watched Oak place a small black bag into a truck and drive away. Police would later find meth and a pipe in that bag. 

Oak had been known to be armed in the past, detectives in marked cars were called to pull him over. The suspect drove into a WinCo parking lot and attempted to walk into the store. 

Police tried confronting Oak but he didn't comply. Oak was quickly taken to the ground and handcuffed. 

Oak was taken to the Spokane County jail for a DOC warrant, possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license.