Police Find Heroin and Guns

SPOKANE VALLEY - Spokane Valley Police Department arrested a wanted, six-time convicted felon during a traffic stop Thursday, March 14. 

Police say they stopped 42-year-old Christopher S. Edwards for not having a visible license plate. The deputy who stopped him said Edwards was reaching around his lap and towards the floorboard in possible attempt to hide evidence or retrieve a weapon. 

When police looked up his name, they found out that Edwards was a six-time convicted felon, had three felony warrants and a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. 

During a search after his arrest, police say they found two bundles of cash, totaling to $5,000 in his pockets. A semi-automatic pistol and drugs were found sitting under the front seat of the car, according to police. 

After a search warrant was received, police say they found another pistol and over five grams of heroin. 

Edwards was taken to the Spokane County Jail for three counts of controlled substance with intent to deliver, violation of a no contact order, a Washington Department of Corrections hold and unlawful possession of a firearm.

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