MUV Fitness

According to court documents, Katilyn Corkins admitted stealing another woman's MUV Fitness I.D., then using bolt cutters to break into multiple lockers at MUV Fitness, stealing items worth thousands of dollars.

"Corkins let out a sigh and explained that she was having a hard time paying for rent and was behind about a month and a half already and needed to come up with $500," court documents state.

It all started when Corkins broke into a woman's car, according to court documents. She allegedly stole:

  • the woman's MUV Fitness I.D.
  • a purse ($200)
  • an iPad Air ($700)
  • Apple Air Pods ($170)
  • a black Michael Kors wallet ($150)
  • a pink stun gun ($20)
  • multiple credit cards

Then, Corkins used the stolen MUV Fitness ID to enter the location in downtown Spokane, court documents show.

A woman states her locker was broken into, leaving the following items missing:

  • a wedding ring ($2,000)
  • a silver ring ($25)
  • a bracelet ($100)
  • a watch ($100)
  • a work computer ($1,000)
  • a cell phone ($500)
  • eight credit cards

Another victim claims the following items were stolen from her locker:

  • Pink Nike bag
  • Kate Spade wallet
  • a credit card and a debit card

The victim also told detectives that more than $1,000 in fraudulent purchases were made using the cards.

Court documents also show Corkins admitted to breaking into the car, stealing the MUV Fitness I.D., and using it to enter MUV Fitness Centers in both downtown and the South Hill. (Court documents state there were no thefts at the South Hill location.)

Crimes being investigated include 2nd-degree theft, 1st-degree identity theft, and 2nd-degree possession of stolen property.