Spokane woman breaks arm and jaw in four places after Lime scooter brakes abruptly lock

SPOKANE, Wash. - A woman in Spokane says she was riding a Lime scooter downtown, following almost every safety precaution, and still ended up in the emergency room with a broken jaw in four places and a broken arm. Jacquelyn Bigelow only has one question, how did this happen.

Jacquelyn says she was only on the scooter for a few minutes Friday night, when the scooter's brakes randomly locked up on her, causing her to fly off and get seriously hurt. Jacquelyn says she's never getting on one again, and wants people who do ride to know the risks every time they ride.

Jacquelyn was on a date with her husband Friday night in Downtown Spokane, where they’ve ridden lime scooters before. What happened next, she never saw coming.

"It was just a complete dead stop, the wheels stopped, everything just stopped," Bigelow said.

Jacquelyn says the brakes locking took her by surprise. She flew forward, knocking out her front teeth on the handlebars, and breaking her jaw and arm on the sidewalk.

"I don't think I've ever seen a look like that on her face, she was definitely in pain," Art Bigelow, Jacquelyn's husband, said.

The couple went to Sacred Heart, where the emergency room immediately knew; her injuries were from a lime scooter crash.

A nurse at Sacred Heart confirmed that lime scooter injuries are a common occurrence, and now, Jacquelyn is urging parents to rethink downloading the lime app on their kid's phones, as she sees young kids riding everyday.

But what happened to Jacquelyn wasn't an isolated incident. 

Back in February, Lime said under rare circumstances, there could be sudden braking issues, and the company was working to fix the scooters. Riders were asked to use extra caution for a few days, but the safety issues would be fixed shortly. But that was the last statement Lime released regarding the braking issues; it was never clarified when the scooters were fixed.

A Lime spokesperson says their scooter's brakes, lights, and batteries are checked often, and Lime juicers are supposed to flag any issues they see. Lime is looking into Jacquelyn’s crash right now, sending their regards and wishing her a quick recovery.

The couple isn't saying that Lime shouldn't be in Spokane, they just want people to remember to think twice before riding.

"It's not just a toy. It's a running motorized thing that obviously, you can get severely hurt on," Bigelow said.

Since May, Sacred Heart says they have seen 25 Lime scooter accidents, but the number could be higher, because not everyone discloses what brought them into the emergency room.

KHQ is following up with Lime again tomorrow, to see how many braking incidents have been reported to the company since their software glitch months ago, and if the software is failing them again.