A Spokane-area woman said she’s thankful for a UPS Delivery Driver, who she claims helped save her life.
Zona Gale Sweeney said she was walking outside of her home during a snowy day, when she slipped on ice and fell on her porch.
“My feet literally were at my head when I was falling,” Sweeney said.
She said she fell on her head, was unable to get up, and started calling for help.
That’s when a Levi Souder, a UPS driver, heard her yelling while he was in between deliveries.
“I heard something and I kind of looked around,” Souder said. “I went over and she asked if I could help her up.”
Souder helped her up, called 911, and she eventually went to the hospital, where it was discovered that she suffered a brain injury.
"I did indeed have a brain bleed. We knew then that I could've died. I had a four-day stay in Intensive Care. If I had been left on that front deck for who knows how long, I would've been dead,” Sweeney said.
Sweeney said Levi was a “blessing from God.”
Souder was surprised a simple act of kindness ended up being such a big difference in saving a woman’s life.
“I didn't know until a couple days ago what has happened. But knowing now, you know, it's kind of... obviously, I was there for a reason. I guess God wanted me there,” Souder said. “I wouldn’t hesitate to do