Spokane woman hit by car prowlers three times in three months

A Spokane woman is out of ideas for how to stop car prowlers in her quite South Hill neighborhood.

“My house is a very large bright light,” said Mikayla Jensen. “I’m hoping it would be a deterrent but it doesn’t stop anything.”

Jensen says the prowling started in early summer when her husband smelled cigarette smoke in one of their vehicles.

“None of us smoke,” she said.

Jensen says their car had been rummaged through, and her husband’s workbag was found down the street near 40th and Grand.

So Jensen bought a security camera. But it didn’t stop a second and third round of prowlers.

“It was like they were in sync,” said Jensen. “This was planned, they get out and go from head to toe of the cars and walk away.”

This time, the security cameras were rolling. So Jensen posted the video on Nextdoor and immediately learned she wasn’t alone.

“Everyone here seems to be having a similar story,” said Jensen.

Jensen has reported all three car prowlings to Crime Check, but says she hasn’t seen an increase in patrol.

“It’s a beautiful area,” said Jensen. “We specifically chose the South Hill for the community and the area itself, and it’s sad to see this happening so frequently.”

Jensen wants people to be aware of the crime in the neighborhood, and encourages people to join Block Watch programs so they can look out for each other. 

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