Tuesday, Shania Sebastian was applying for a job at the Northwest Seed and Pet in east Spokane, hoping to work in the garden center.  

She parked her 1966 Huffy Malibu outside the front entrance and didn’t think about locking it, assuming it would be safe with everyone around. Unfortunately, she was wrong.   

“I noticed that my bike wasn't where I left it,” Sebastian said, “I thought somebody stole it.” 

With tears in her eyes, she went inside and asked if they had surveillance video. Watching in disbelief, the theft took less than a minute. 

“He had walked up around the corner of the building, walked right up to the bike and took off with it,” Sebastian said.  

This bike wasn’t only her main form of transportation, but the distinct vintage bike is priceless to her. It was given to her by her brother who she hasn’t seen in a few years.  

“It’s kinda something I hold close to my heart. It’s almost like a piece of him is with me as I ride all over the city,” Sebastian said.  

According to police statistics, property crime, including thefts are down so far this year in this part of town 

Hoping for any leads, Sebastian has called nearby pawn shops and reported the theft to police. For now she’s forced to use the bus to continue her job search.  

Sebastian said, "I do definitely have hope that somebody will help me try to find it, I’d definitely like it back." 

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