Spokane woman's car stolen despite removing its battery

A local woman is heartbroken after she said the car she relies on to get her to her weekly doctor appointments, was stolen. She said she was so nervous about theft in the neighborhood, she had even removed the battery from her car just before it was taken.

The car is a 2002 Ford Taurus SES Sport. Victim Debbi Hargrave Barnett said she adored those four wheels.

"It was a beautiful car," she said. "Everyone loved the car that ever drove it. It was the nicest driving car I think I ever had. I feel pretty devastated."

She said her two rare blood disorders require her to see her doctor at least once a week for tests and treatment. She said her car is like a lifeline.

"It's been a rough time period," she said. "I have to go there very week for my blood draws."

Barnett said she was very uneasy about all the crime in her apartment complex. She took extreme measures to try to protect her stuff. Even that did not work.

"We had taken the battery out of it because it was a brand new battery, we didn't want it to get stolen," she said. "They must have had it towed, or I don't know. It was locked."

She's hopeful the thief abandoned her car and maybe one of our viewers knows where it is. The license plate is 67401 DP. If you know anything, call SPD.

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