Spokane woman shoots 'Unicorn Deer'

When you think of a unicorn, your mind jumps to the mythical creature from fairy-tales and children's books, but for one Spokane native this creature is all too real.

About a week ago, Amy Calkins was hunting near Mt. Spokane when she shot her first buck, but as she got closer to the animal she was shocked by what she saw.

The buck was actually a doe, with one large horn stemming from the middle of its head, coining the name “Unicorn Deer”. Although this sighting is extremely rare, it has been seen before. Amy found that the horn occurs from a hormone imbalance in the deer.

“I was in complete shock by the whole situation. How could this [female] deer have antlers?” Amy said.

Amy's excitement in getting the new trophy quickly turned to concern when she realized that the deer with a horn was actually female. She compiled unedited photos and video in case anyone questioned whether the doe really had a horn. Out of all of her friends who hunt, Amy says none of them have seen anything like this.

“I felt kind of lucky. I even played the lotto last weekend,” Amy said.

Amy named her new prize “Pat.”

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