Spokane woman spreads "pay it forward" message through a sign

If you’ve driven near Franklin Park along Wall Street recently, it’s likely you’ve seen a large sign posted in the front yard of a home.

That sign belongs to Mo Ying-Clark and it reads “always pay it forward.”

“That’s what my mom taught me because you always pay it forward and it comes back to you twofold,” she says.

She came up with the idea to put up a sign initially after her best friend passed away from cancer. The first sign Mo put up was for his family, to show support. Then about a month ago, she decided to put up this one because paying it forward was something her mom taught her. Mo says she lost her mother to cancer five years ago.

Mo and her son painted the sign, and she says she hopes she can pass on this lesson of positivity and compassion on to her son.

“There is more positive in the world. And even though there's negative in the world, he can see positive and he can learn from that,” Mo says.

Mo says she plans on changing the sign every month and a half to feature a different positive message. If you have any suggestions for a message, she says you can reach her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mkyingclark?sk=wall

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