Spokane woman tries to save Palomino shooting victim

Spokane Police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened around 2am Monday, January 18, near the Palomino Club. One man was shot outside the club, and the suspects fled in a car.

Even as the suspects and hundreds of people from the club left the scene, one woman went above and beyond to try to help the victim.

This woman spoke exclusively to KHQ, but she did not want to show her face on camera or share her name.

“I didn’t want that man to take his last breath in my hands,” she said. “It’s almost like there’s no humanity left in us and it’s really sad.”

She told KHQ she walked out of the club around 2 a.m. when she heard 16 to 17 gunshots. She tracked down her friends and got in her car to leave.

“We go to drive off, and I see a man laying in the road. Cars are pretty much running over this man. Like leaving him and nobody’s stopping,” she said.

When she got out of her car, she could see this was a matter of life or death.

“I go to assess the bleeding. I thought he was bleeding from his chest originally to find out he’s bleeding from his head. So I go to apply pressure to the wound,” she said. “There was so much blood coming through my hand I had to put my finger in his head. I could literally feel this man’s brain.”

EMTs arrived and took the man to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. When asked why she stopped to help, the woman said it was maternal instinct.

“That’s somebody’s baby,” she said. “If that was my baby out there I would want somebody to stop.”

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