For Jacqueline Luenow, calling out for her precious cat, Chloe, is a last resort.

"I thought anything is worth a shot," Luenow said.

Instead, a robo-call is doing the calling for her. lists that they are the "Amber Alert for pets."

Luenow says she had a Craigslist ad, but then someone responded to that and pointed her in the direction of "Lost My Doggie."

According to their website, "Lost My Doggie" sends free alerts to shelters and rescues and even generates flyers.

But, you do have to pay for robo-calls.

"When you're missing your pet, money is sort of not an object because you just really miss them and you want them back," Luenow said.

She says she was skeptical at first because most people don't have landlines anymore and didn't know if it would work with cellphones.

According to their website, "Lost My Doggie" calls go to the household's main emergency number, including cell phones.

The company is exempt from the "Do Not Call Registry," so even if your neighbor has their number un-listed, their call still goes through.

We checked into "Lost My Doggie," they have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and there are very few complaints.

One complaint that did keep coming up, the company's no refund policy, even if the pet was found without their help.

And using the company isn't cheap, packages range from $50-$700.

For Jacqueline, money aside, it's just about getting Chloe home safe.

"The more exposure I thought the better and it can help me in finding my pet," she said.