Metal Flag Mystery

SPOKANE, Wash. - It really was a mystery, where did the flag come from? How did it get there? Why was it there? We helped a Spokane woman get some answers.

On Wednesday morning, Cate Patton was on a walk with her German Shepard near the Spokane Arena when she noticed something.

Lying on a junk pile behind a locked fence in what looked to be an empty lot, was a large, metal American flag.

Hoping to solve this mystery,Patton got online and posted a picture of the discarded artwork on Facebook. She also contacted KHQ hoping we could help.

City Parks Director Leroy Eadie said the American flag, along with a Canadian flag, were part of a 9/11 memorial placed in Riverfront Park by the Carousel.

They said that when renovations began in the park, each piece of art was tagged before being removed. A few of those pieces ended up in this city-owned lot.

After hearing from KHQ , a crew moved the heavy aluminum flags, putting a protective cover on them, until they are placed back in the park.

Patton is just happy that these pieces of art will be going back home.

There's no timetable yet, but the flags will be placed back in a new spot as renovations in the park are completed.

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