Spoof calls scare Spokane teens

18-year-old Olivia Davies and her friend Bella were in at a McDonald's drive-thru in Spokane on Sunday night when they got a phone call. The number the person called from appeared as Olivia's cell phone number. This left them freaked out "She picked up the phone and was just like hi and it was just this weird voice that said something along the lines of hi sweetheart and you know who this is in this raspy male voice," said Olivia Davies.

Leaving the drive-thru, they start driving down the road when they got another phone call this time showing a close friend as the caller. It's the same voice saying the same thing. The girls were concerned and turned the phone off but her friend's phone starts to ring with her number, making the girls very uncomfortable "That just really freaked us out. We turned her phone off  and threw it in the back, and then my phone got a call from her off phone, so we didn't answer that one," added Olivia

They became the victims of spoofing from a group of guys that they knew. Spoofing is when someone disguises the number they're calling from by changing the caller ID. Several apps and websites allow you to do this. Believe it or not, caller id spoofing is not illegal. Companies have been doing this for a long time. But what is illegal about it is when caller id spoofing is intended to commit fraudulent acts. It's relatively simple to do you enter the number you want to call. Then the number you want to be displayed on the caller id and then you hit send

In the end, Olivia found out that it was just a couple of boys playing a prank. But Olivia wants them to know what they did was not funny "I hope that they kind of realize that. I mean it's a thing to do, but they didn't ever tell us that it was them and kind of just left us in suspense. So maybe I don't know not just to do that," added Olivia.

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