UPDATE: JULY 23 AT 11:26 A.M.

SPS sent out the following statement in response:

A settlement has been reached in this incident that occurred in 2019.  SPS is committed to continuing to make improvements that will lead to fulfilling our mission statement of Excellence for Everyone with support from our employees, families, and community. Non-Disclosure agreements are a standard aspect during the resolution of many legal issues to protect the privacy of all parties involved. The facts of this situation were broadly shared and publicized when this incident occurred in 2019.

UPDATE: JULY 22, 2021

Spokane Public Schools paid a sum of $275,000 to the family of a student who former Ferris High School Resource Officer Shawn Audie allegedly kneeled on during an fight on the school's campus, according to court documents. 

The names of the students involved are redacted in the settlement court documents. The $275,000 was split between the student Audie kneeled on, his brother who witnessed the incident and their parents.

Original claims filed in February, 2020 stated that the student who Audie restrained was traumatized after having his breathing restricted and required counseling after the incident. 

They also stated the student's brother suffered emotional trauma after witnessing the event and trying to help his brother, knowing he had asthma. 

Emotional damages to the parents were claimed after issues arose within the community and they feared for their children's' safety.

The settlement agreement required the family to keep all its details confidential.


SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane Public Schools resource officer has resigned after being put on leave following a fight at Ferris High School.

According to Spokane Public Schools, Shawn Audie has resigned after being placed on administrative leave.

According to a report by our partners at the Spokesman-Review, Audie was under investigation by Spokane police. Audie was also about to be fired last year when he quit as part of an internal investigation for an accusation of excessive force, according to the report.

A video obtained by KHQ from a Ferris High School student shows a short snippet from an altercation on January 24, 2019. The clip shows Audie with his knee on a student's neck, along with a heated exchange between a student filming and faculty.

Three students were arrested following the incident: two for assault and one for malicious mischief and obstruction.

Three staff members, who intervened during the incident, were referred for medical evaluation.