State senator expresses frustration in handling of WSU assault case

State Senator Michael Baumgartner addressed the Washington State University board of regents on Friday and expressed that he's upset with how WSU football player Robert Barber's case is being handled. Barber was charged with assault and suspended from WSU for his role in a fight off campus over the summer.

Senator Baumgartner believes Barber should be reinstated but the board of regents will be taking another look before they make a decision.

Barber was arrested on suspicion of felony assault, but he hasn't been charged with a crime. Baumgartner says there's a very straight forward solution and that's to get everybody back into class. He cited a law House Bill 1541, which passed during the last legislative sessions that prohibits expulsions in K-12 because of the cost to the public and the disproportionate impact on minorities.

Baumgartner is upset because he says there is a clear problem with the process of trying to get Barber back into class. He says Barber is not being talked to like a human being. He just wants the board to take action now to decide whether or not Barber will be able to go back to class.

There is a board of regents executive session planned for Monday. KHQ will let you know what that entails. 

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