Stealing from children: inflatable bouncy house stolen from Spokane family

Richelle has lived in her north Spokane home for eight months. She asked KHQ to not show her face or share her last name for fear whoever stole an inflatable bouncy house from her front lawn Wednesday could come back.

"My 2-year-old, this morning when we came outside because it's the first thing he sees in the morning, is the bouncy castle, and he says 'my jumpy castle's gone mom.' I was like 'I know.' He's like 'I want my jumpy castle back," said Richelle.

It's the latest item stolen from the family, who had a break-in back in May.

"Front door kicked in, two stations (cases) with 400 movies, a jewelry box, a tv was all taken from the house," said Richelle.

After that, Richelle got a surveillance system but didn't have a camera facing where the bouncy castle sat.

"You can't see them. They came along the fence line and the camera points from the front door," said Richelle. "Somebody has the audacity to walk into my yard, and break down my door, take my things out of my yard. But they're not hurting me per say, they're hurting my children."

Because the bouncy castle is worth hundreds of dollars, Richelle said she filed a police report. She's also been online and driving through Spokane looking for any sign of it.

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