N. Idaho inmate's death due to undiagnosed heart condition

The Stevens County Jail confirms a couple has been arrested and accused of animal cruelty.

Last week, we told you about 40 dogs that were rescued that were described to be living in “deplorable condition.”

Animal rescue group Rescue4All took video of the scene showing the conditions. The non-profit says they found animals covered in filth, with skin infections and chained to trees.

They say they found dead dogs on the property as well.

Rescue4All’s founder, Jamie McAtee, says she’s grateful Theresa and Thomas Hostetler were arrested Tuesday night.

"These guys are monsters, we went to the property last night and we have knowledge that they have 6 to 8 dogs hidden somewhere so we're not sure where,” McAtee said on a Facebook live video posted to the Rescue4All’s Facebook page.

Because there’s no official animal control in Stevens County, McAtee says it makes dealing with situations like this difficult.

She says this rescue is a clear example of why the county needs to take action.

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