Stolen car and bomb threat put Central Valley High School in lockdown

UPDATE: Police arrested a teenage boy at about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in connection to a bomb threat made earlier that day.

The boy was arrested fir Threats to Bomb or Inquire Property, which is a felony.

Deputies learned the reason for the threat was that the boy was hoping to cancel classes Thursday. He's since been booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Facility. 

Police say that although the threat appears to have been a hoax, they still take these situations seriously. They also say this threat does not appear to be related to the recovery of the stolen car and fleeing suspect.


Central Valley High School was placed into lockdown after the driver of a stolen car pulled into the parking lot Wednesday morning. 

Deputies say they first received an anonymous call of a suspicious car parked in the backyard of a home a few blocks away from the high school. Deputies ran the plate of the car and saw that it was reported as stolen. 

When a deputy arrived in the area he saw the stolen car heading east and he then turned around and caught up with it while waiting for additional units to assist. The driver of the car turned into the parking lot of Central Valley High school and not wanting to endanger any of the kids who had begun arriving for classes, the deputy maintained his distance and notified the Central Valley Resource Deputy on duty. That deputy notified school officials and quickly began looking for the suspect while placing the school in lockdown. 

The suspect parked the car, walked into the school as staff worked to secure the building. He then went out one of the back doors and was last seen fleeing from the school on foot. 

A K9 Unit showed up to track the suspect, but he was never found. 

The car had been reported as stolen nearly three hours prior to the call and the victim reported there was a gun in the trunk. When the car was recovered, the gun was not located. 

During this time, a student reported a bomb threat to school officials after reading a note on a bathroom wall. The school was evacuated and 90 minutes later the school was deemed safe and the threat false, so students were let back in. 

Deputies say both incidents are being investigated, but it is unknown if they are related. 

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