Stolen plane found in Western Washington

SNOHOMISH COUNTY. - A plane stolen from Idaho has been discovered after a hard landing in a Snohomish County clearcut, and authorities are wondering if a notorious teen burglar is responsible.

The plane, taken from the Bonners Ferry Airport on Tuesday, was discovered by a logger near Granite Falls on Thursday.

Boundary County, Idaho, and Snohomish County, Wash., authorities say they don't know whether Colton Harris-Moore, an 18-year-old suspect in dozens of break-ins on Camano, Orcas and San Juan Islands as well as Point Roberts, is to blame. But they say it fits his pattern, and that he could have traveled through Canada to Idaho.

Harris Moore is also being investigated in two airplane thefts in San Juan County, one last year and one this year.

Plane stolen from Boundary County airport

(SEMPTEMBER 29, 2009)

The Boundary County Sheriff's department is searching for a $340,000 Cessna plane after it was stolen from a hangar at the Bonners Ferry Airport early Tuesday morning.

The plane's owner, Patrick Gardiner, says he was at a pancake breakfast at the airport Saturday and when he left that afternoon, his plane was locked in a hangar.

Gardiner says sometime Saturday night someone broke into his and four other hangars. The suspect(s) apparently tried to break into the luggage compartment on his Cessna but were unsuccessful. The suspect(s) was able to break into the cabin and rummage through the airplane, though Gardiner says nothing was taken when he inspected the plane the following day.

Sunday, after making sure nothing had been stolen, Gardiner says he locked his plane and put a new padlock on the hangar.

Tuesday morning, Gardiner received a call that the back door to his hangar had been broken through, the main hangar door was wide open and his plane was gone. >>More

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