Stop the bleed: Kootenai Co. residents get hands on training for trauma scenarios

Residents in Kootenai County are getting hands on training in the event of a trauma scenario.

Everything from a mass casualty situation to even an accident in your own garage; anything to stop the bleeding.

Wendy Ferguson, the injury prevention coordinator at Kootenai Health, checks to see if the patient is conscious or not.

Then, she looks to see if there’s bleeding.

If it’s clear, she’ll put them in the recovery position and that’s just one part of the equation.

Scene safety is the first prong of "Stop The Bleed.”

The “Stop The Bleed” program was created after the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Medical experts say “Stop The Bleed” is the new CPR.

It has the facets of scene safety and compressions but in trauma form.

“We found that when somebody is first on scene and they can stop that bleeding, they can essentially save somebody's life,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson helps teach the course at Kootenai Health.

The other two facets include applying a tourniquet and treating an open wound.

“This class helps people get over that first awkward hurdle of ‘what do I do, I'm first on scene at a motorcycle accident or my family member or neighbor just hit an artery with the table saw, I don't know what to do’," Ferguson said, “so we help them establish identifying that bleeding, calling 911 and then taking action."

Giving people the necessary tools to help save lives, the free course is offered once a month at Kootenai Health.

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