SPOKANE, Wash. -- Our community has once again stepped up to help someone in need. On Monday, an elderly woman living in North Spokane called KHQ in a panic. With each passing day, her overgrown yard was becoming more and more dangerous.

"I do recognize it's a fire hazard," said Kathleen Murbach.

Kathleen recently received a letter from the City of Spokane telling her to get it corrected. She wasn't sure what exactly the notice said because her eyesight is so poor.

"I can't read hardly," she said.

Kathleen told KHQ her eyes have been failing her for years.

"It's really hard when you're going blind and there's no one to help you," she said.

It's one of many physical hurdles she faces every day. She knows her home is a lot to care for, but she can't afford other options right now.

"I don't want to move because my house payment is cheaper than rent," she said. "And if you're renting, they can raise the (price) at any point. I couldn't afford that." 

She's determined to save up for low maintenance landscaping but for now at least, that's still out of reach. She said "Help Me Hayley" as she needs help quickly to at least make things safe again.

"I've called quite a few people," she said. "And nothing."

She said she found people who could help as long as they could use her mower.

"But it was stolen," she said. "My weed-eater was too."

Her worries and anxiety over this are growing as quickly as the weeds that are causing it.

"It's like who do you turn to," she said through tears. "I know everyone is having struggles."

Shortly after Hayley interviewed Kathleen and made Spokane aware of her situation, the offers to help were overwhelming. Within an hour, the yard was mowed and all of the weeds and debris left behind were raked up and hauled away.