Stray Bullet Bulldozes Into Deer Park Home

"It's kind of like a sancutuary sometimes," said Mabel Elsom about the field behind her Deer Park home. 

"There could be 40 deer out there at a time," added her husband, Jonah.

But, the preferred peace on this Deer Park property was punctured when a hunter's bullet bulldozed into their home.

Jonah walked us through the bullet's path: it came in through the wall near their outdoor porch, tore through their curtains, hit a wall and a desk leg, then traveled through their Keurig coffee maker, and that's where they found a small piece of the bullet. 

"You're in here minding your own business and all of the sudden something could happen and you're dead," said Jonah.

He and his wife don't want hunters to stop shooting, they just want them to be safer, and smart. 

I feel a little paranoid knowing something could come through the wall," said Jonah. "It's scary to know somebody is not smart enough to not aim at a house."  

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