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A new study says Pullman is one of the best places to raise a family in Washington state, but Spokane was in the bottom third of the rankings among over 100 cities.

WalletHub slotted Pullman No. 7 overall on the list with a total score of 63.08, boasting the second-best "Education, Health & Safety" rank and the seventh-best "Affordability" rank. Pullman also ranked 20th overall in "Family Life & Fun" rank.

The study compared 114 cities in the Evergreen State across 21 key metrics, with data sets ranging from median family income to school-system quality to housing affordability.

Spokane Valley came in at No. 45 in the study and had the sixth-best affordability rating. Spokane Valley rated slightly above average for Family Life & Fun rank at 47th, but were below average in education, health & safety (68) and "Socioeconomic" (69) rankings.

Cheney ranked 71st, sitting above average in Family Life & Fun (38), Education, Health & Safety (36) and Affordability (30). However, Cheney ranked towards the bottom in the Socioeconomic category at 107th.

Spokane came in at No. 80 in the study with a score of 48.47, and was hit or miss in the main categories, ranking 13th in Family Life & Fun and 11th in Affordability. However, the Lilac City was one of the worst in Education, Health & Safety and 97th in Socioeconomic rank.

Looking further into the study, Spokane had one of the worst percentages of families living below poverty level, worst divorce rates and was below average in median family income and violent crime rate.

Spokane did tie for first for most attractions and was fourth for most affordable housing just ahead of fifth-place Spokane Valley.

West Richland ranked first in the study, sitting first in Affordability, 21st in Family Life & Fun, 24th in Education, Health & Safety, and 31st in Socioeconomic rank.

Other cities around the region included:

5. Richland

30. Wenatchee

38. Kennewick

43. Pasco

46. Grandview

51. Ellensburg

52. Walla Walla

68. Moses Lake

79. Sunnyside

81. East Wenatchee

92. Yakima