Surveillance video of young teens prowling in North Spokane goes viral

Trevin Barrington and Matt Culnane took matters into their own hands when their home attracted some unwanted guests. The two roommates wanted to teach a pair of young teenagers a lesson.

“I don’t want some little kid locked up for going to his old house,” said Culnane. “They’re just kids making stupid decision and hopefully they’re done.”

The kids Culnane is talking about were caught on camera while prowling around his North Spokane home Tuesday morning.

Culane was at work when his security system alerted him through his cell phone. Culnane was able to talk to one of the teenagers through a speaker that’s connected to the camera.

When the kid took off, he called Barrington.

“I drove around and tried to find him,” said Barrington. “And they were just gone.”

Barrington didn’t stop there. He posted the surveillance video on his Facebook page where it quickly racked up 1,300 shares and nearly 70,000 views.

“I was very surprised,” said Barrington.

A short time later, someone at the Spokane Public Library in downtown Spokane recognized one of the teens from Barrington’s video and contacted him.

Barrington showed up to the library where he had someone record his interaction with the teen.

“I just showed him the video and asked him if it was him,” said Barrington. “He said ‘yeah.’ I said why did you go to our house and he said ‘I used to live here.’ I said don’t ever come back.”

According to multiple sources, the home where Barrington and Culnane live used to be a home for troubled youth and one of the teens in the surveillance video did, in fact, live there.

Culnane and Barrington don’t plan on pressing charges, but the same fate might not be true for them.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services contacted KHQ and said they have filed a police report against Barrington for the video. They say the young teen is a foster child, and should not have been at the house, but that Barrington took things way too far.

They say they reported Barrington for cyberstalking and making online threats.

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