Dads want big juicy steaks, the freedom to watch whatever they want on TV in peace, and maybe an ice cold beer or two⸺but more than anything, a recent survey by OnePoll of 2,000 dads reveals, dads want nothing more than a phone call from their kids.

Though the most widely desired Father’s Day Gift was indeed a phone call—47 percent of dads say it’s what they want most— it wasn’t the only hit “gift” idea on the list.

41 percent of dads say their Father’s Day would be made by a big, juicy steak, but they’d prefer if you didn’t attempt grilling that steak yourself. One in three dads consider themselves the household’s designated grillmaster, and six in ten dads consider themselves the household’s most masterful chef.

Whiskey, wine, and ice cold beer also prove to hold a certain appeal for dads. One third of dads say they would love a glass of whiskey, wine, or beer on their Father’s Day, and an additional one third of dads claim they would simply like to be left in front of the TV to watch whatever they want. Alcohol and TV may prove to be a winning combination for Dad this Father’s Day.

Whatever you do, 64 percent of dads suggest avoiding anything that says “World’s Best Dad” on it. And because 58 percent of dads consider Father’s Day the best day of the year, you’d better heed their advice.

The survey can tell us a lot about dads and what they really want for Father’s Day, but it also confirms the existence of dad humor. 56 percent of dads report they enjoy telling classic dad jokes. 47 percent of dads, for example, have told the joke, “Hi hungry, I’m Dad.” And what’s more, 60 percent of dads find this joke funny. It’s possible, though, that the 40 percent of dads who don’t find the joke funny simply haven’t hit “peak dad.”

“Peak dad” is a state of being dads say is generally reached four years after the birth of their first child. Dads say symptoms include laughing at their own jokes, pulling out cheesy dance moves, and consistently manning the grill.

  1. Phone call from my kid(s) 47%
  2. A big juicy steak 41%
  3. Peace and quiet 38%
  4. Taking in a ball game with the family 38%
  5. An ice cold beer or two 35%
  6. A cheaper, practical gift (socks, tie, etc.)
  7. 35% Glass of wine 34%
  8. Watch whatever I want on TV 34%
  9. Glass of whiskey 29%
  10. A physical, expensive gift (Apple Watch, etc.) 29%

This article was written by KHQ Intern Hannah Mumm

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