Monroe Street Bridge

SPOKANE - Spokane Police say a man is in the county jail for attempted murder after trying to throw a person off the Monroe Street Bridge. 

The incident happened just after 8 p.m. Tuesday night when an officer spotted a distraught man on the bridge. Police say they soon found out that 34-year-old Vincent Petrushkin asked him for money then tried throwing him off the bridge when he said no.

Witnesses told police that Petrushkin, "hoisted the victim high enough that the victim’s waist was above the railing and he was 'teetering' over the edge."

The victim was able to pull himself to safety and Petrushkin ran.

The relationship between the suspect and victim still is unknown, but police believe they may have known each other.

Petrushkin was found about an hour later by an officer on their way to a different call. He was arrested and booked for 2nd degree attempted murder.