Suspect leads ISP on dangerous Highway 95 chase

Parts of the Highway 95 police chase captured on cell phone show the path of destruction that Hunter Jenkins created.

But first, we have to back up.

Jenkins is seen blowing through red lights, going close to 90 miles per hour, all while he was riding on rims.

Jenkins' tires were blown out by spike strips, which caused the only injury, a deputy who got the strips tangled on his arm, according to troopers, he'll be okay.

Still, with tires blown, Jenkins continued on, until finally veering off Highway 95 onto a dirt road, Dukes of Hazard style.

It took a few bumps from troopers, in a by-the-book PIT maneuver, before Jenkins was pinned down in the parking lot of O'Reilly Auto Parts in Hayden and taken into custody.

According to troopers, Jenkins was a wanted man, with criminal charges on both sides of the state line.

"He was wanted for two counts of robbery and one count of kidnapping and he was also in a stolen vehicle out of Spokane," Idaho State Police Sergeant Curt Sproat said.

Troopers say that given the conditions, this could have been much worse.

Troopers say they were able to block the east and west bound streets that feed into Highway 95, but this chase serves as a good reminder to drive safely in wet conditions.

"Certainly, if an officer attempts to pull you over, pull over and don't put yourself in a situation like this and also decrease your speeds in this weather," Sergeant Sproat said.