Suspected Post Falls burglars arrested after returning to the scene of the crime

Two suspected burglars are in the Kootenai County Jail after deputies say they returned to the scene of the crime Tuesday night, presumably to finish the job.

According to the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, a Post Falls couple was checking on the vacant house of a deceased family member Tuesday night when they found the home and an outbuilding had been burglarized. The couple later came back to the home to set up lights to make it look like the home was occupied. While there they noticed a suspicious SUV driving slowly by the house, then turn around and drive back again, this time pulling into the driveway. 

The couple turned on their headlights just as the suspected burglars were pulling into the driveway and at that point the SUV pulled out and drove away. 

Responding deputies found the SUV and stopped it a few blocks away. The driver, 39-year-old Andrea E. Evitts of Post Falls was arrested on an outstanding warrant for driving on an invalid license and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputies searched the SUV and also found numerous items belonging to the deceased homeowner as well as other family members. 

Evitts and her passenger, 41-year-old John D. Clark of Post Falls, both gave conflicting accounts of how they came to possess the property and were eventually arrested for burglary, grand theft, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools and criminal possession of financial transaction cards. 

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