Ted Nugent supports Republic Police

The city of Republic is trying to come back from a devastating loss. Their only narcotics K9 died unexpectedly last month in the police chief's arms.

Now the police department is trying to rebuild their K9 program raising money through a GoFundMe page but it's not without some rock star help. Literally. The fundraiser just got a pretty big endorsement from Ted Nugent.

He shared it to his official Facebook page where he wrote, "Trying to help a great little town and great law enforcement heroes get a new K9 hound. Anything you can do will be super appreciated. Godspeed the K9 warriors!"

"I was very happy to see that. He's a big supporter of the military and law enforcement," said Loren Culp, Chief of Police in Republic.

Culp says they are doing what they can to raise money for a new K9 after K9 Isko passed away. "We are still healing from losing Isko. He was with me 24 hours a day," said Culp.

Isko was the only K9 in Ferry County for local law enforcement. Culp says Isko was a big deal. He went to schools, visited kids and taught them about anti-drug programs. "Him and I have been involved in about 80 narcotics cases and more search warrants than that that, have led to arrests and convictions," said Culp.

There's not much of an economy in the small town of Republic that has about 950 people. They no longer have a mill or a gold mine.

"You guys, 10 bucks, 100 bucks, 50 bucks, make it happen!" said Shemane Nugent. Nugent's wife is also stepping in, giving a shout out to Chief Culp in a Facebook live.

Though Culp says he's met Ted a few times, "He's a very genuine person," he says this was unexpected but so appreciated.

We reached out to Ted Nugent but have not heard back.

We've also verified that the GoFundMe page is real and was created by the police chief's mother.

If you'd like to help, click here.

The city is also holding a memorial for K9 Isko at Republic School on Saturday, January 6 at 1:00 p.m.

Chief Culp says donations can also be sent to City Hall. P.O. Box 331 Republic WA 99166.

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