Teen accused of hiring hit man to kill unborn son pleads not guilty

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Stevens County teenager accused of hiring a hit man to kill his unborn son pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning to the charges against him.  Charles Young said he isn't guilty of Solicitation to Commit First Degree Murder and one charge of Solicitation to Commit Manslaughter.

Stevens County deputies, with help from the Spokane County Sheriff's Office arrested Young for allegedly soliciting an undercover detective to kill his unborn son.  Young's lawyer, David Haerren, claims that contact between the alleged hit man and his client began back in August.  Because so much time had passed, Haerren said Young should have been arrested weeks ago, and that his client was set up.

"To think this claim was made August 5th  - that he is going to kill her, and nothing's happened for three months, that tells me there was a lot of influence for three months on my client, who is very immature. 18 years old still a teenager," said Haerren.

Haerren says those three months of influence are what led Young to finally hire the hit man.  The Stevens County Sheriff's Office said Young had reportedly offered $3,250 to kill his 17-year-old pregnant girlfriend, as well as the unborn child.

With help from the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, arrangements were made through a confidential informant to introduce Young to an undercover officer posing as a hit man.  The suspect and the undercover officer met in the Suncrest area of southern Stevens County on October 11.

During the meeting, Young indicated that he wanted the hit man to injure his ex-girlfriend to the extent that it would cause the death of his unborn child. He provided pictures of his ex-girlfriend and a detailed map to her residence in Spokane.

Young then paid the undercover officer $1,620.00 in cash as a down payment. Stevens County Sheriff's and Spokane County Sheriff's detectives then moved in and arrested Young. He was then transported to the Stevens County Jail for booking.

Young's lawyer also says the boy's family is devastated by the charges against their son.  The teenager is being held in Stevens County on a $500,000 bond.

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