Camp Hope empty

SPOKANE, Wash. - The tent city known as "Camp Hope" that stood outside Spokane City Hall has been shut down.

Police arrived at the location Sunday morning and remaining tents and other items on the site were hauled away. According to a release by the Spokane Police Department, two non-campers were also arrested, including Alfredo Llamedo.

Llamedo had protested Spokane's "No Sit No Lie" ordinance with a hunger strike outside city hall in November before "Camp Hope" had been erected. Llamedo was released after his arrest after his $1,000 bond was posted.

Shortly after being released from jail, Llamedo said his decision to film the incident with police is what lead to his arrest.

"They didn't want me there, because they didn't want me talking about what they were doing," Llamedo said.

Protester Charlie Milo was also arrested Sunday morning and was later released.

According to police,  Llamedo and Johansen were given the opportunity to follow orders given to them but both refused. Both were booked into Spokane County Jail for obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Police said they talked to every camper Sunday morning and offered them a referral to warming shelters.

Officers passed out socks to those who needed them while they waited for campers to take down their tents, gather their belongings and leave, according to the release.

Those staying at "Camp Hope" had received a 48-hour notice to leave the area on Thursday. The deadline came and went at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday and while some people vacated the spot, others remained.

On Saturday, several demonstrators including Spokane City Councilwoman Kate Burke chained themselves to the building in protest of the camp's removal.

According to police, the warming shelter at 1428 W Broadway has a capacity of 60 beds and 46 spaces were available last night. The House of Charity also had space available for women.