Text message received after Spokane drive-by shooting: 'You caused this'

"You caused this." That's a text message that the ex-girlfriend of a man accused of shooting up her Dodge Pickup says she received, moments after the shooting.

The woman, who we are not identifying because she is the victim of a domestic violence investigation, says she was inside her home on East Euclid last Wednesday at around 4:00 p.m. She heard several gunshots, then heard a car drive away. A couple minutes later, she says she got a text message from 39-year-old Anthony Lazanis, saying "you caused this". She didn't know what he would be referring to, but went outside to find someone had shot up her black Dodge Pickup.

Police respond to shooting in north Spokane

According to police, the incident started earlier that day, when Lazanis contacted the son of his former girlfriend and said he had a job for him. That man picked up Lazanis, and at his direction drove the two of them to East Euclid. He says Lazanis then pulled out a gun and shot up the pickup, and told the driver to get them out of there.

The shooting took place at 4:11pm on Wednesday. At 4:21pm Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Thurman found the white Honda Civic described by witnesses. He detained both the driver and Lazanis. The driver said he had no knowledge of what was going to happen, and he was let go.

Lazanis, however, was arrested and charged with drive-by shooting and domestic violence.

There were no injuries in the shooting, but the pickup was totaled. Police have not said what, if anything, prompted the shooting and Anthony Lazanis turned down our request for an interview.

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