Thank you for the gift you gave us with such an exciting season. We watched every game that was on tv and as a gift, I was given a ticket to one of your home games (Portland). I will never forget how thrilling is was to be there.

Congratulations to each of you and we wish each of yuu continues success.

To Adam Morrison:

My husband's brother and sister are both child diabetics at age 9 & 11. We are all in our early sixties now. His brother had difficulty accepting his diabetes when he was young and now suffers the adverse affects. You are such an inspiration to the youg diabetics of today and we thank you for that. Please keep being that inspiration! The young people need you...and some of us old ones too. Perhaps if there had been an "Adam" in my brother-in-law's life, he would be healthier today.

We wish you every success. We will always enjoy watching you play. Thank you for being you.

Carlene Skelton

Lewiston, Idaho

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